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Team building improves communication, helps your team learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, enhances creative problem-solving skills and has the power to make your group a well-oiled machine. We have compiled six activities that are fun, challenging, and great for all ages and group sizes.

Team Building Activities: No Props Necessary

1) Name of the Game: Guess the Leader/Copycat | Duration: 15-20 minutes | Purpose: Warm Up Activity

Description: For this team building activity, choose a ‘guesser’ to leave the room, so they will not have the knowledge of who the leader will be. The guesser’s job is to identify the leader of the group. Next, have everyone sit or stand in a circle and determine whom the leader will be. The leader’s job is to make movements that everyone will be able to copy at the same pace, therefore challenging the guesser. Once the leader has been chosen, the guesser will come back into the room and stand in the center of the circle. That’s when the fun begins. The leader will start making any movements he/she wants (waving their arms, rubbing their belly, patting their head, jumping, etc.). The followers will have to try their best to mimic these movements and make minimal eye contact with the leader so they won’t give away whom it is.

As time progresses and the leader hasn’t been caught, they should speed up and make the moves more challenging.

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2) Name of the Game: Two Truths and A Lie | Duration: 10-15 minutes | Purpose: Icebreaker and Getting to Know One Another

Description: This game is as classic as it gets. Start out by having the participants sit in a circle. Instruct them to come up with two true statements and one lie. Make sure that the lie is believable and the truths aren’t obvious (ex. I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert when I was in high school, I went to Niagara Falls for my Honeymoon, or my childhood’s dog name was Fluffy). Have everyone go around in the circle sharing their two truths and a lie in the order of their choosing. The object of the game is to have the group vote and figure out which statement was a lie. Voting can be done by a raise of hands, or jotting down on a piece of paper. Once the voting is done, the speaker will share which one was false.

This activity is a great way for people to get to know each other outside of the day-to-day!

3) Name of the Game: Human Knot | Duration: 10-20 minutes | Purpose: Communication and Teamwork

Description: Human Knot is a fun game that relies heavily on communication and teamwork. Start out by having everyone stand in a tight circle, shoulders touching. Have everyone in the group put out their right arm and grab someone from across the circle. Then, instruct them to put out their left arm and grab another person’s hand across the circle again. The group will then have to untangle themselves within a set time limit and without letting go. If you have a large group, make a few smaller circles and have the groups compete with one another.

Not only will this activity challenge the team’s communication ability, but it will get everyone laughing and having a great time.

team building activities for work

Team Building Activities: Props Necessary

4) Name of the Game: Mine Field | Duration: 15-30 minutes | Purpose: Creative Problem Solving, Communication and Trust

Description: If your team is working on trust, this is the team building activity for you. First, find an area that has enough open space to make your “mine field”. Set up your “mines” with objects such as cones, bowling pins, foam noodles, etc. Then have your team break into groups of two. Try to be strategic when coupling the groups so they can get the most out of the exercise. For example, if there are two members of the group that frequently butt heads, pair them up to have them work on their professional relationship and communication. One team member will be blindfolded (or simply close their eyes) while they maneuver through the course, while the other stands outside of the mine field and vocally directs the blindfolded teammate to the other side, without hitting any of the mines. When they have completed the challenge, switch roles so each person can have a chance to direct and be blindfolded.

5) Name of the Game: Helium Stick/Hoop | Duration: 20-30 minutes | Purpose: Clear Communication, Problem Solving, Working together

Description: Like most team building activities, this one is fun, teaches a valuable lesson, and is incredibly difficult if your team isn’t working together! You can either use a long, lightweight rod, or a hula-hoop (depending on what you have around), but for this example, we will say rod or helium stick. Groups should ideally be anywhere from 6-14 participants, so if you have a large number of people, break them into smaller groups. Instruct everyone to place the rod on top of his or her fingers. There is no grabbing, pinching, or holding of any kind, only having it set on top of the fingers. The object of the game is to have everyone work together to lower the helium stick to the ground, but there’s a game changing catch! Everyone’s fingers must be touching the rod at all times, or they will have to restart. Once everyone understands the rules, let them begin! This is when everyone will notice the helium stick starts to move upwards, even though the goal is to lower it to the ground. Everyone will get a kick out of it, and some may be a little confused. After the humorous first attempt, have your groups come up with a game plan and assure them it is possible.

Hint: The best method is to move very slow and coordinate every movement.

6) Name of the Game: Blind Drawing | Duration: 10-15 minutes | Purpose: Clear Communication

Description: Clear communication is key for any group that needs to work together and this game will show your team why it is so important, and how to improve. Everyone will need to break up into groups of two and be seated back to back. One will be given a writing utensil and paper and the other will be given a picture. The person with the photo will have to describe the image in the best detail they can, without saying what the picture actually is. The other will have to try to draw it. The picture might be a house or a banana, but they can only describe the characteristics and shapes that make up the image. Once the time is up, review the drawing and reflect on how strong the communication was between the two.

Reverse the roles and have them try again.

Team building activities are effective for all different types of groups and can be done virtually anywhere. For more team building ideas, contact us today.

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