Positive Adventures offers both 1/2 and full-day student leadership programs that allow your students to feel a sense of renewed camaraderie, a deeper appreciation for their classmates and academic leaders, as well as a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards their community and campus culture. These active, fun, and engaging programs provide a foundation rooted in experiential education… the perfect introduction to our multi-day outdoor education courses!

Leadership programs can take place on campus or at a beach, park, ropes course, and more.

Sample Off-Campus Full-Day Itinerary

sample youth single day itinerary










Sample Program Options – On Campus

Extreme Team Challenge

This program presents a series of team-building exercises that are fun, interactive, and experiential while promoting learning and growth through group participation and discussion. Your students will be taken through a sequence of initiatives that become more challenging as the team learns and develops new skills. This type of experiential program helps teams to grow and bond together.

Amazing Race

Channeling the style of the “Amazing Race” television show, this program will foster creativity and quick thinking as teams will have to overcome roadblocks, detours and challenges to get to the finish line!

Service Projects

Students will have the opportunity to give back to their local communities in one of our custom service projects. From building bikes for younger students to packing military care packages, we can customize projects local to your area. Students will feel a renewed sense of pride in their school, peers, and community.

Sample Program Options – Off Campus

Ropes Course

ropes course

Positive Adventures’ Ropes Course Programs start off with ground-based initiatives. These on-the-ground activities focus on leadership development, building new relationships, and fostering communication skills. These initiatives are also done throughout the course and are a big component of our team building programming. Through this work, a foundation is laid.

After building this solid foundation quite literally on the ground, each group will spend a 1⁄2 day on the high ropes course. The ropes course itself is a series of elements made up of poles, ropes, and cables that are off the ground and anywhere from 2 feet to 35 feet in the air.

Beach Team Olympics

Most people don’t know, but after a 1500-year hiatus, the Olympic games were brought back in an effort to revive the spirit of the modern person. Positive Adventures’ Team Olympics provide your students an opportunity to reignite their enthusiasm for school through fun, wacky challenges, and a day of fun in the sun. Medals are given and team appreciations are shared.

Many other options are available ranging from:

  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • and more!

The gift that Positive Adventures gives to kids is priceless. They take the time to learn about the school’s dynamics, culture and values in order to align their program. This ensures the best possible way for teachers and students to connect what they learn during the adventure to school and life; all through amazing shared experiences. This is a true partnership.”

— Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

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