Positive Adventures is now offering a variety of 1 to 3-hour experiential education programs for students.  Our virtual programming is an exciting way to foster connections between students using mental and physical challenges, communication skills, and team building. School culture and fostering connections are even more relevant and we want to help any way that we can! 

We recently created a series of virtual education programs utilizing experiential learning techniques that keep students engaged and connected to their peers. Each program is led by one of our skilled facilitators with years of organizational leadership experience and various coaching certificates. We will present a series of activities that are fun, interactive and experiential, while promoting learning and growth through group participation and discussion.

Learning Initiatives:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Style Assessments
  • Communication Skills
  • Mental Health and Wellness
Format & Program Flow 
  • 9:00 AM Students arrive to the Zoom conference call
  • 9:05 AM Icebreakers and fun group games
  • 9:15 AM Improv or Minute to Win It games
  • 9:30 AM Professionally Facilitated Discussions: Small group chat rooms, each with a Positive Adventures Facilitator.  
  • 10:00 AM Choice of program from Virtual Program Series 
  • 10:45 AM Share your snack break
  • 11:00 AM Debrief & Program Concludes 
Sample Program Series

We will work with you to determine the program bundle that best supports your school’s philosophies and program objectives. A sample program series may look like: 

  • Program 1: Establishing School Culture & Building Connection with Classmates
  • Program 2: Emotional Intelligence 
  • Program 3: The Escape Mission 
  • Program 4: Growing Together
Program Options

Establishing School Culture & Building Connection with Classmates  

Create a culture of community, trust and bonding where classmates are invested in the group as a whole, not just in themselves. This program is great for back-to-school team building. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Research shows that when students are in an environment where they have developed emotional literacy, they see higher engagement levels, better classroom leadership and organization, less bullying, higher academic achievement, and stronger interpersonal relationships. Students will develop a stronger, more understanding relationship with the emotions of themselves and others.

Growing Together 

This fun and engaging program combines garden-themed team challenges, trivia and brain bender puzzles with building gardens to provide healthy foods. Students will build their own gardens at home learning about healthy food choices and gardening education with our master gardener. Home garden kits are delivered in advance.

Physical Education – Dance It Out 

Unlike other classes, this experience will have students up and moving at home while learning more about popular dance styles and movements! 

Learn Fun Choreography with 3XT

Feel like a star right where you are. Train with Ferly Prado and Alex Kaye, back up dancers for many stars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Usher, Rihanna. Ferly and Alex create a safe and fun-filled environment where participants let loose while learning to take control and ownership of their bodies, resulting in more confidence and more respect to self and others. Participants learn 3XT choreographed routines as well as routines the ladies have performed next to music’s biggest stars.The mission is to allow dance to do its magic in one’s life while showing them exactly what they are capable of. Everyone is a star in their own right!

Trend Setters

Set the trends, be original. Learn what makes popular dance trends work and learn the skills to make up your own! Half of the class is dedicated to learning dance steps to increase one’s dance vocabulary. The other half we break down what it takes to choreograph a short dance. We talk about music choices, musicality, messaging, energy transmission, and dancing in frame. Creativity is unleashed!

The Virtual Escape Mission 

This team-building program is a classic take on the fun, exciting, and challenging Escape Room phenomenon, and is great for all ages and abilities (and families too). Teams will be tasked with unlocking challenges from clues in the room and the timer is on to escape! Our Emcee will brief all participants at the start and pop into each Zoom breakout room to offer up clues and encouragement. To conclude the program, we’ll bring all participants back together to debrief and announce the winners!

Foundational Principals of Investing with Magic


This program distills decades of scientific research and data-driven insights into bite-sized, easily digestible “rules” that can help young investors gain confidence and clarity in establishing their financial strategy. Our professional magician Theron will share ideas for talking about these foundational topics and investment principals using magic in ways that will surprise even the most seasoned investors and professionals.



Theron brings a unique twist to his performances combining a successful speaking career in the financial services industry and as a performing magician. Self-taught and performing for over 25 years, Theron holds several first-place awards for his craft. Theron also produces one of the magic industry’s top education conferences for performers looking to take their skills to the next level. 

Virtual Class Wellness

During this health crisis, taking care of your mind and body remains as important as ever.  This program is a great option for Physical Education. Go beyond the standard workout video and help create a connection between virtual classroom members through our “Team Wellness Programs”.  

Team workouts include ice breaker activities, creating individual and team family wellness plans and facilitated after practice discussions. 

Sample Wellness Program Options:

  • Myofascial Massage
  • Yoga 
  • Movement and Mindfulness 
  • Functional Movement and Flexibility
  • 30 Minute Meals
  • Interval Training

Virtual 5k for Charity 

Support a local non-profit in need to combat the COVID-19 Epidemic. Millions of Americans are in need and your students can help! Our virtual 5k’s raise money for local charities and will help get your students outside and moving. Race registration and individual fundraising are coordinated through our online registration platform. Prior to the race, participants will be provided a ZOOM link for the large-group race kickoff. Once the race begins you will be invited into exclusive team chat rooms to socialize with your class while on your course.

Game Show Night

This team-building program is inspired by classic TV game shows such as The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud!  Groups are divided into teams and are guided through the game show by our Emcee. Each team must work together, strategize and test their knowledge. Guaranteed to be fun for everyone with lots of laughter and learning!

What Schools Are Saying

“Positive Adventures has been a godsend in regular times and in this moment of distance learning. They really know how to get every student engaged and stay with the program. They are fun, kid-friendly, and very skilled at what they do. We will continue to call on them whenever we can!” – Dorothy Hutcheson, Chadwick School Director

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