Sandy beaches, colorful caves, coves and active hot springs provide the backdrop for this unique program. Students will enjoy the wilderness and solitude while traveling down the water trail experiencing some of the nation’s most beautiful waterways!

The contrast between exploring the Colorado River and hiking canyons and trails rich with hot springs provides an extraordinary setting for the discovery of life, while encouraging appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors. This retreat combines guided river kayaking, hot spring exploration, hiking, evening programs, and team development. This is an unforgettable excursion allowing students to take in the many breathtaking views that this national monument has to offer!

During this backcountry camping adventure, participants will stay in tents in a base camp setting. Students will develop low-impact camping skills, while learning about the history and wildlife of the area. Positive Adventures will provide an outdoor kitchen set-up with organic-inspired plentiful, wholesome, and appetizing meals created by a professional chef.

Optional Activities


Enjoy scenic Black Canyon from the seat of a Kayak (or Canoe). You can spend a portion of the day or whole days paddling and exploring the hot springs, sauna caves and learning the rich history of the area.

Stargazingstargazing outside

Stargazing may feel like driving down an unfamiliar road without a map – after all, there’s a whole universe out there! Our program guide will help you understand the cosmos.


Explore the diverse ecosystem of water and desert through various trails of the canyon and lake area. While traversing the rock formations you’ll catch a glimpse of all the colors of the rainbow. Our instructor(s) introduce basic hiking skills, including proper preparation for desert hiking or backpacking, map and compass skills, and risk assessment.

Hot Springs

Soak in the mineral hot springs after a long paddle – nature’s own version of relaxing hot tub! There are at least seven natural hot springs in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Many of the hot springs even include waterfalls.

Sauna Caving (available depending on group size and age)

Drilled by miners while constructing the Hoover Dam, the sauna cave is a deep cave with calcium carbonate crystals on the walls. This exciting activity will have you navigating your way through dark hollow natural passages and corridors while learning the history of the Hoover Dam!

There are many options available to create a rewarding experience for your students that they will carry with them for a lifetime. To discover more about the Colorado River, along with more programming options, activities, and sleeping arrangements… give us a call!

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