by Positive Adventures Mon Jan 18 2021

Corporate wellness has been an extremely popular buzzword and philosophy for a few years, as companies realize the value in creating a healthy workforce. The bottom line is simple; employees that are healthy are more productive. An employee that feels better and isn’t as stressed, is typically more engaged while on the clock. They also typically experience less health-related absenteeism. When individuals are able to be more productive while at work, in the end, that means dollar signs for corporations.


Studies dating back to 2013 have shown the actual dollar for dollar benefit of investing in employee wellness. A report from Harvard Business School showed that “for every dollar large employers spent on wellness programs, they saw company medical costs fall by $3.27. But even beyond that payoff in health, the study found a comparable payoff in productivity: For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the companies’ absenteeism-related costs fell about $2.73.”


This is even more important as we’re almost 10 months into a global pandemic. Keeping your employees healthy and well doesn’t have to take a back seat when they are working remotely. Great companies should make it a priority to offer resources and inspiration to help employees stay engaged and improve their overall wellbeing.   


At Positive Adventures we’ve been providing corporate wellness and employee engagement programming since 2007.  We have a variety of wellness programs to suit any size company, group, or goal.  Here are some of the more popular virtual offerings we’d suggest to reinvest in your workforce this year:


The Five Pillars of Wellness – many people are familiar with physical wellness in the form of getting the proper amount of exercise and being physically active and fit, but are you familiar with the other 4 forms of total body wellness?  Dive into the 5 pillars of wellness and engage your employees in a wellness worksheet, accountability partners, and goal setting.


Building a Culture of Resilience – Learning to be resilient in the workplace is a key attribute to managing stress in your life and dealing with change. This workshop revolves around an assessment that measures elements of stress and follows with tools to manage and become more resilient.


Virtual Wellness Workshops – featuring a diverse panel of experts in various wellness disciplines, including: 

  • Yoga and Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Journaling
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Healthy Habits for Working from Home
  • And More!


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