by Positive Adventures Thu Jul 16 2020

The very wise Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” As a company, we live by this and love when our clients incorporate community givebacks into their team building programs. One client that has continuously invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the creation of giving opportunities for their team is UNUM. 


We have been working with UNUM to facilitate their community programming throughout the United States and abroad, for over 5 years. Every year, multiple times a year, they add a CSR component to their conferences and they are deeply dedicated to helping whichever local community their conference takes place. They truly embody the spirit of volunteerism because they want to make a lasting impact and they don’t just do it for the photo opportunity. 


Their commitment to others was even more evident this year. Planning for a UNUM program starts 6+ months in advance, when they discuss with our operations team which populations they would like to help in the community. For their 2020 sales conference, they wanted to help multiple non-profits that supported adaptive sports athletes with special needs, military families and youth development. After months of vetting organizations and project planning, we were ready to go for April 2020; enter Covid-19. With the cancellation of travel and gatherings, we had to have the tough conversation about how to move forward. Despite the cancellation of their sales conference, UNUM honored their commitment to service and their gift of over $25,000 worth of donations. 


Next, we had to get creative about how to pull it off! Usually, there are 150+ UNUM volunteers at their programs and they power through an incredible amount of work in under 3 hours. This time around, Positive Adventures called upon our local staff to work in socially distant shifts to build and deliver everything to the non-profits on time. We’re so grateful to all the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly assembling, painting and so much more to make this happen.

As a result of UNUM’s donation and the efforts of those who supported the projects, check out the donations we were able to deliver to the nonprofit organizations.

Special Olympics Orange County received awards stages for their champions. They will use these to celebrate their athletes at future competitions.


San Diego Adaptive Sports and Recreation received ramps and platforms for their training clinics and competitions. 

Patriots and Paws received 8 kitchen starter sets for veterans, which included tables, chairs, plates, dishes and cooking ware. They can come to their warehouse at any time to take what they need. 

Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) supports military families in need, and received 200 care packages. 100 were filled with games, puzzles and crafts for families to do together, and 100 were filled with essential self-care items for new mothers.





Fairfield Family YMCA in Long Beach, CA received furniture for their patio area, and computer desks and laptops for their learning lab. They are a very small center and don’t receive much funding, so these donations made a huge impact!

The Armed Services YMCA on Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA received a makeover of their outdoor space. Now families have a space to gather!




We deeply appreciate people and companies who use their success and profits for benevolent reasons. Positive Adventures has 15 years of experience organizing and facilitating service projects and donations. As of late, we recognize that it is not safe to gather like we once did – but this doesn’t mean your team can’t still give back. Connect with us to learn more about how you can bring your team together virtually for a corporate social responsibility program:

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