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Positive Adventures

Our mission is to provide unique opportunities that create a platform for team growth, personal achievement, and education through experiential learning. Our vision is to positively transform lives.

Transform your organization through personal and team development

We are California's premier experiential education company providing business consulting, team building, outdoor education, and youth programming services.

Our Programs Include...

Team Building

From problem solving to increasing capabilities, team building covers a broad spectrum. Typical scenarios addressed can include but are certainly not limited to: better communication, conflict resolution, change in personnel, or new philosophical and business directions. A team building event is not only utilized to resolve issues, but to celebrate and reward your team.

Company Retreats

An alternative to ordinary team building where participants may still have one foot in the office and one hand on the iPhone. Retreats with Positive Adventures are exciting, educational and inspirational. If you are looking for new ways to show your crew how much you appreciate them, come spend some time with us for a day, a weekend, or a week!

Youth Outdoor Education

Current educational research indicates that connections with the natural world increase children’s ability to learn and also improve self-esteem and social behavior. Recent studies also show that spending time outdoors increases memory up to 20%. Meaningful outdoor experiences are a powerful tool for lifelong impact and learning.

Corporate Caring

Community Caring is essentially a way to donate either your time or specifically requested goods to local non profits, schools and other charitable organizations. By participating in a give back event participants feel an even deeper connection to the meaning behind their work. Being able to recall the feelings and details of the day lends itself to greater transference and a larger impact on the group and on the beneficiaries.

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