Icebreakers, Kickoffs, Networking

Icebreakers, Kickoffs, Networking


An icebreaker, kickoff, or networking event led by Positive Adventures will inspire a sense of community, purpose, and growth to make your event or new initiative as productive, impactful and welcoming as possible. Drawing on our years of experience working with organizations of all different kinds, Positive Adventures will craft an event to suit your organization’s identity and goals.

Icebreakers offer a planned and strategic method for getting your group to engage on a deeper level of connection. These activities provide participants a way to loosen up and get to know one another at meetings, retreats and at strategic times such as before a big dinner or when the families join the group. This is a fun way to get people moving while breaking the ice. We don’t offer cliched icebreakers, only innovative, proven strategies to spark engagement and relationship building among your group.

Kickoffs often involve icebreakers at the beginning of a week-long meeting, or leading an exercise to add a sense of energy to a new strategic initiative being launched. Getting your new organizational initiative or company meeting started with enthusiasm, relationship building, and excitement can set the tone for the rest of your event. A kickoff can include icebreakers, a certain theme such as a sales goal to be met, or an in house competition. Kickoffs can even help create the plan for the time remaining in your meeting.

Working with Positive Adventures to lead your organization’s icebreaker, kickoff, or networking event will spur collaboration, communication, and a shared purpose to get the most out of your event.

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