Do I have to play silly games and do a “trust fall”?

Let us first say that we too have heard of this caricature that team building is often grouped into and we can categorically assure you that we will not orchestrate a group sing along to Kumbaya or a trust fall.  Some activities or initiatives as they are known may look silly at first glance but if you allow yourself to come with an open mind and a mild sense of curiosity you will see that these “games” entail much more than meets the eye.  From introducing conflict to elevating introverts into leadership roles, activities are carefully selected and then sequenced to address the needs of the group.

Some of these pictures and descriptions seem a bit too adventurous for me. What do you offer for the more conservative team building enthusiast?

We are so glad you mentioned that!  One of our founding principles is Challenge By Choice.  That means no participant will ever be forced to do something not of their choosing.  Facilitators will always work to make sure each individual is at an appropriate level of challenge in relation to their own comfort, offering lesser and greater challenges at all times.  By the way…our programming is universal, meaning regardless of age, shape, gender, fitness level or disability, you can participate.

Okay, so it’s a legitimate outfit you all are running, and I can choose my own level of participation, but really, what will we get out of it?

You will gain awareness of both self and others around you.  Opportunities for praise and celebration will be abundant.  Problems can be identified organically and resolution within the group will be sought.  This unusual day (or more) will create space for individuals to step into different roles.  The quiet voice can be heard and the loudest voice can learn to listen.  By participating in this event the group now shares newfound knowledge they can reflect upon and transfer into different areas of life and work.

What type of activities are we going to do?

Excluding high ropes course programs, participants will complete a variety of creative team problem-solving initiatives that take place close to the ground.  These activities will involve boards, ropes and other props and are accessible to people of all levels of strength and physical abilities. For more details about high ropes course programs please see numbers 5 & 6.

If we are on the ropes course…Should people who “can’t” climb attend?

The course is universally accessible which means elements may be accessed by anyone regardless of any disabilities or restraints.  In addition to this feature, the program features many other aspects besides climbing that should be enjoyable regardless of ability.  Our team building activities are adapted by our qualified staff to allow for maximum involvement and participants are encouraged to find their own level of participation.

Now I am intrigued.  How can I learn more?

Contact us by clicking the link below! Because all of our programs are custom built to client specifications, we do require a little bit of information before we can offer you a quote.

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