Corporate Caring Programs

Also known as Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, these programs have been created to affect positive change in your company and your neighborhood. Community Caring is essentially a way to donate either your time or specifically requested goods to local non profits, schools, and other charitable organizations.

By participating in a Community Caring event participants feel an even deeper connection to the meaning behind their work. Being able to recall the feelings and details of the day lends itself to greater transference and a larger impact on the group and on the beneficiaries.

Below is a sampling of our corporate caring programs and a handful of the companies who have experienced and enjoyed our programs. To view our full program menu or learn more about a particular experience, contact one of our program specialists at

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bike build corporate social responsibility

Bike Build

This is an exciting fast-paced “corporate caring” community service project. Participants leave feeling a strong sense of admiration for their teammates and the company they work for. So how does it work? Upon arrival participants are broken into teams by receiving different color bandanas. The music is playing and the room is abuzz with folks dancing and there is a general excitement in the air. Each team will need to participate in several rounds of mind-stumping trivia, action packed challenges, and activities to receive the necessary parts to build their bikes. Once all the rounds are over and the bikes are built, there may be a surprise for your team when the children come running out to receive their bikes. There won’t be a dry eye left in the house!

Time: 1.5-2.5 hours; 12-1000+ participants

Interested in our Bike Build program?

garden build

Operation Green Thumb: Garden Building

The current obesity and health crisis affecting children and families throughout the United States is a major concern for the future of our society. With the support of the national “Let’s Move” campaign there is a strong movement for community gardens and educational programing around healthy food choices in low-income areas. This service project will get your team outdoors and help to support healthy start initiatives. During the event, your team will work shoulder to shoulder to install a fully functional raised bed vegetable garden that will be available for surrounding families to use and grow their own seasonal food. Your team will help build wooden beds, install watering systems, move soil, and plant seeds.

Time: 1.5-2.5 hours; 12-1000+ participants

Got a green thumb of your own?

corporate caring mural painting

Master Mural Painting: Community Beautification

Positive Adventures will put together a fun and exciting program in which participants will paint a mural at a local school or non-profit. If you don’t fancy yourself a modern day Picasso, not to worry! We have structured this program to actively engage all participants, regardless of their artistic abilities. A professional artist will have already drawn in the outline and filled the background. Cups of paint are prepped and various sized paintbrushes are handed out; the music is cranking and the project begins!

Time: 3.5-4.5 hours; 10-40 participants per site.

Get those creative juices flowing!

CSR playground build

School Makeover: Plant-A-Playground

Every child in America deserves the opportunity to run outside and experience the joy of sliding down a slide, swinging back and forth on a swing set, and running in and around playground obstacles. In some communities, playgrounds are either non-existent or run down and in need of some TLC. With the help and support of your team and organization we can make this a reality. During this inspiring program, your team will work together to install a new playground and brighten up the area around the park with landscape work.

Time: 3.5-4.5 hours; 20-100 participants per site

Revamp you school’s playground.

companies donating care packages

Operation Military Team Caring Program

This is an exciting “corporate caring” community service project where participants will work together and compete in challenges to put together care package items that will be donated to our military service men/women. Participants will leave the experience feeling a strong sense of connection to the local military community and their efforts will leave a lasting impact. While teams are competing to earn their care package component, they will also be working on a card(s) to accompany the care packages.

Care Package Options:

  • Health & Fitness Care Package
  • Military Family Care Package
  • Surf Therapy Care Package

Time: 1.5-3 hours; 10-1000+ participants

Connect with our armed forces.

Giving Back at the Caring Square

The Caring Square

In this multi-faceted social responsibility program, your company is given the opportunity to work together and give back to the community through many different avenues. Over a multi-day conference or convention, participants will be given the opportunity to stop by and give back for any length of time. Examples of past projects include: building dollhouses for youth, painting meal trays for the elderly, and compiling care packages for military families or Veterans. Our team of professionals provides all of the necessary equipment, tools, and workstations to build and donate the items to local non-profits.

Interesting in joining The Caring Square? 

Kicks for Kicking Back

The Kicks for Kicking-Back is a fun corporate caring team-building program that combines a little bit of competition, a dash of artistic flair with a whole lot of giving back to the community! Groups will be given plain white canvas shoes of all different sizes and will be given art supplies with examples of popular shoe designs for inspiration. Each team is then assigned the task of creating a signature team shoe theme along with a corresponding marketing campaign, logo, slogan and shoebox design. Trivia will be given throughout the program and teams can earn special or optional arts/crafts to design their shoes/boxes! Judges will score the shoe design based on several categories, including overall flow of their theme, creativity, teamwork and marketability. At the end of the program, the shoes will be donated to a local charity!

Time: 1.5-2.5 hours; 12-1000+ participants

Show off your design skills. 

Food Packing

This is an extraordinary event of giving and caring that draws neighbors, youth organizations, corporate groups and communities together. Your team will take part in team building and spirit enriching process in which anyone of any age or background can participate and extend love to those in need. The end result is your team providing thousands of non-perishable meals that are distributed to families and individuals in need, both locally and globally.

Time: 3-4 hours; 10-300 participants

Interested in our Food Packing program?

Garden Build Corporate Social Responsibility

“P.H.D.” Philanthropic Helping Day: Teaching Skills that Change the World


For a culture facing serious environmental, economic, and health troubles, growing even a portion of our own food can pave the way to improving all three of these problems. Even better than that, we can give the resources and knowledge to our children since they hold the world in their hands. This P.H.D. program allows participants to learn skills that range from organic cooking to garden building, and the how-tos of composting. Participants will not only gain these skills themselves, but will also have the opportunity to donate a garden box, garden tools and composting bin to a local school or organization in need. Your company is separated into different groups that rotate around a series of stations set-up to learn a variety of skills from a professional and to prep items to be donated. Many hands make light work!

Time: 3-4 hours; 10-300 participants

Interested in this program?

Donate Cans for a Cause

Ar-‘CAN’-tecture: Cans for a Cause

This exciting team building activity incorporates all of the important characteristics of corporate bonding with an amazing opportunity to help many families in need. Your group will be divided into teams, and each team will compete in a series of can-related activities. The cans of food used throughout the program will be donated to a local food bank featured within the program.

Time: 1.5-3 hours; 10-1000+ participants

Recycle today for a better tomorrow. 

Surfboard Art Give Back Program for Veterans

Surfboard Art

Bring your team together for an activity that requires a collaborative effort and lots of energy! The Surfboard Art Program is an exciting and active way for your group to engage with one another while at the same time giving back to the community. In this program, your group will be divided into teams. Each team will collaborate on designing and painting surfboards that will be donated to a local non-profit surf clinic!  


Get creative with your team today.  

Computer Build for Charity

Computer Build

This is a technical and exciting service project that combines fast-paced challenges with the charitable donation of computers to a local school or non-profit! Participants will compete in a series of challenges and each round gets  them  one  step  closer  to  completing  the computer by receiving the necessary parts. Our computer technicians are floating between teams and are available to help on a moment’s notice. Once all the challenges are over, teams will race to build their computer and package it up along with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Time: 1.5-3 hours; 10-200 participants

Is there a “techie” in you? 

Team Participating in a Corporate Team Building Program

Corporate Causeway: Can’t Choose Just One?

Can’t decide on just one way to give back?? Combine several of the above programs into a Corporate Causeway! The Corporate Causeway is a Race for a Cause where teams race through several service stations. To move through the race, participants will need to work through a series of clues and activities that will put their group to the test. Each Service Station represents a different CSR project benefitting different non-profits. For example, teams would build bikes for children at the first Service Station and put together military care packages for deployed soldiers at the next!

Your generosity goes a long way.

Time: 1.5-3 hours; 20-500+ participants

group photo during corporate social responsibility program

Customized Project

We are able to customize a project for a small or large group to match the cause of choice. Let us leverage our non-profit relationships and create a unique project for your team.

Case Study: UNUM National Sales Conference (see full case study here)Unum gathered their top performing sales professionals together for their national sales conference they sought to provide them with an unforgettable volunteer experience. The result was truly amazing as the volunteer team tackled 5 major accomplishments in only 4 hours. One of the accomplishments was the renovation of a teen center in the Boys & Girls Club. See photos below.


Let’s create a custom event for YOU!

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