Based on multiple studies and surveys, it’s no longer a secret that there is a direct link between employee engagement and a culture of wellness. Having engaged employees can be critical to the success and bottom line of a company. According to a 2015 report done by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “Some 67 percent of employees said participation in wellness programs increased their engagement in their employer’s mission and goals.”

The STAR program is an innovative and revolutionary long-term staff training and retention resource that will ultimately enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction. This program helps to create an environment in which employees can become healthier, grow as a team, and be more active in their communities.

The infrastructure of STAR follows a five-point system that will offer a variety of programs throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to closely collaborate with our team of experts on how to roll out a custom calendar of events that will allow each employee/department to sign up based on their availability throughout the year.

STAR Program

Community Caring

carrying tree

These are corporate social responsibility projects that will leave participants feeling a renewed sense of admiration for their teammates. Participants will also feel the impact they’ve made in their community by creating projects benefiting recipients in need or lending their hands and hearts to complete a service project at a local non-profit. (e.g., Bike Builds, Wheelchair Builds, Beach Clean Ups, Bee Box Building, Mural Paintings, Playgrounds Builds)

Courses and Communication

These educational workshops and activities provide the tools and resources for participants to continually grow in their careers. There will be an emphasis on providing knowledge that will help break down barriers and create understanding within departments. (e.g., team connections, leadership quadrants, team training events, topic specific speaker seminars, continuing education)

Cooperation and Teamwork

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These social and fun team-building events will encourage staff to build rapport and community outside of work. As most of these events will be designed around teamwork, participants will feel the effects of working closely alongside their colleagues in a non-work environment. (e.g., amazing race, sandcastle builds, bowling, team boot camp, ultimate scavenger hunt, lip sync showdown, culinary competitions)

Committing to Health

group yoga

These workshops focus on helping each person commit to a life of wellness and mindfulness in and out of their workspace that will, in turn, reduce stress. These events will expound upon the fact that self-care is not selfish, as well as encourage individuals to create support systems within their departments to help keep their teammates motivated and accountable in making their health a priority. (e.g., yoga classes, walking classes, functional movement training, hiking, myofascial massage, meditation and journaling, meal prep tutorials)

Challenge by Choice

These trainings will challenge individuals to find and test their inner courage and resilience. Participating in an activity that some individuals may have previously viewed as daunting or fear inducing, and overcoming those feelings, can have a positive impact on the opinions they have of themselves and their colleagues. (e.g., rock climbing wall, ropes course, surfing lessons, marathons, mountain biking)


STAR Program Outcomes

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