Types of Programs:

Workshops: range from 2-7 hours with any group size. Workshops are designed according to the culture and needs of each group but range in topic from how to apply strengths in: job responsibilities, communication, collaboration, accomplishing business objectives, and goal setting.

Team Debrief: a thorough exploration of the strengths or MBTI type of each member of the team and what they need from their work environment, communication, conflict, team projects, and supervision.  We look at the composition of strengths or preferences on the whole team and the performance objectives of the team.  Attention is given to how the team is equipped to accomplish performance objectives and strategies to implement when the challenge is outside of the natural strengths of the team.

Supervisor Debrief: one-on-one with the supervisor taking an in-depth look at each individual’s strengths, their job responsibilities, what they naturally do well and where they struggle, and strategies for managing each individual according to their strengths. We also take a close look at the strengths of the supervisor and how they can use their strengths for the tasks associated with supervision.

Executive Coaching: focuses on helping the individual grow in their self-understanding, self-management, and goal achievement.  A coaching plan is developed and implemented which is dependent upon the particular areas of excellence or needed growth of the individual.  Any individual can benefit but this is an investment of particular interest for top performers or those needing remedial attention.

Many teams and organizations will benefit from our Customized Consulting. By doing a thorough history and analysis of the group, highly skilled and seasoned consultants can merge different program menu options into the most beneficial experience for the group. Our highly successful ongoing programs at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego are one example of a relationship crafted in this way.

Positive Adventures was successfully implemented into the RN/RT Residency Program as an approach to increase new employee engagement, to promote teamwork, collaboration and communication, and to create a supportive and nurturing work environment.

During the 4-hour workshop, the Positive Adventures team presented the material and group activities with energy, humor, and charisma. All of the activities were relevant to the Residency Program, and the team’s teaching and facilitation techniques were very creative, entertaining and highly effective.

-Natalie Jacobs, RN BSN
RN/RT Residency Coordinator
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

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