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When Rady Children’s Hospital wanted to focus on uplifting and energizing their team for the year ahead, they sought to provide their employees with an unforgettable experience.

Team Building Case Study Overview

  • Client: Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Challenge: Uplifting and energizing their team for the year ahead
  • Objectives:
    • Align programs with the mission and purpose of Team Rady – The Team Relationship Building Experience
    • Plan and execute a fun, engaging adventure and problem solving activity
    • Create an event to reinvigorate employees who have been working hard all year long
    • Design and complete a community-based activity that challenges employees and ultimately gives back to their local residents
    • Stay within budget and coordinate all project planning
  • Solutions: Implement three different events over the course of two weeks. Each event designed to achieve a specific goal and department. 
  • Outcome
    • Record high attendance with over 3,000 employees in attendance
    • 28 individual sessions with an 80% participation overall amongst all hospital staff
    • Improved employee engagement scores 
    • Positive participant feedback such as:

This was my 3rd Team Rady and my absolute favorite! I felt encouraged, re-centered and motivated to care for myself more intentionally!

Breakdown of Team Building and Reinvigorating Events

Team building bike build

Event 1: Corporate Caring – Bike Build

First Rady employees were divided into teams, then they participated in several rounds of mind-stumping Rady themed trivia, physical challenges and mental challenges to earn them the necessary parts to build their bikes. Once all the rounds were over and the bikes were built, each team was able to customize their bike. The Bikes were donated to Safe Kids San Diego a program led in partnership with Rady Children’s Hospital which specializes in preventing childhood injuries.

Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Event 2: Team Building – Scavenger Hunt

During this event, participants were divided into teams and given a scavenger hunt checklist with maps and clues. This provided a unique opportunity for Rady employees to tour the beautiful main campus of the hospital. Teams used their decision-making skills to race against the clock collecting items, taking pictures, participating in physical and mental challenges and completing Rady themed trivia.

Event 3: Company Wellness – Reinvigoration Day

Team Building re-energize

This event focused on invigorating the mind, body and spirit of Rady employees. This event included three stations, Myofascial Massage, Mindfulness/Meditation with Journaling, and a Healthy Smoothie Making Challenge.

  • Myofascial Massage – A trained Myofascial masseuse taught employees ways to relieve the knots and kinks that can build up throughout the workday. Guests left with the knowledge of how to implement these techniques on a day-to-day basis.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Journaling – This workshop focused on the tools and tricks to help lower stress levels. Guests were taught the importance of channeling one’s emotions into a meditation mindset for everyday growth in addition to the value of journaling on how they feel about their wellbeing.
  • Healthy Smoothie Making Challenge – Supplied with healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as the necessary equipment, teams created smoothies from a prescribed list. Once smoothies were completed, the team was able to share samples of their creations with their team.

Our Process To Ensure Successful Team Building Programs

While working with Rady Children’s Hospital, we crafted a program with three separate events, that would make a lasting impact on the employees and show how appreciated they are. To ensure the event went off without a hitch we:

  • Held multiple phone calls detailing budget and project updates
  • Coordinated with various project vendors to set up a safe and productive environment for all volunteers
  • Worked with Rady staff to match employees with an event that would best fit their individual interests
  • Fostered an environment that would both excite and reinvigorate employees

At Positive Adventures, we pride ourselves at really getting to know our clients and developing team building programs that are fun and make the foundation of the company — the team— stronger than ever. 


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