by Positive Adventures Thu Jul 11 2019

Unum Insurance values more than high sales, and they made that clear when they asked Positive Adventures to plan an unforgettable volunteer event for their National Sales Conference. Unum wanted the opportunity to display their values through a corporate social responsibility event that would create a lasting impact on the local community of Cathedral City. 

  • Who: Top Unum sales representatives
  • Where: Cathedral City Boys & Girls Club
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • The goal: Facilitate team bonding for Unum employees while enriching the community of Cathedral City
  • Mission: Accomplished

Having Fun With Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate volunteering

Install a basketball court: Unum employees brought their A-game to the court when installing a brand new basketball court for the Boys & Girls Club. They put up hoops that will be seeing alley-oops for years to come. They even got to break in the court with a round of H.O.R.S.E. and share a nostalgic social connection experience. 

Install a playground: Unum employees brought out their inner child when they installed a playground for the Boys and Girls Club. Working together to build slides gave them an opportunity to slide down memory lane as they bonded over childhood memories. The team showed that they can work hard and play hard as they completed a swing-set and monkey bars. This project allowed coworkers to put their problem-solving skills to use as they had to think on their feet to create the most efficient plan to install the playground. 

Team Building Mural Painting

Paint murals: Painting two murals allowed Unum employees to let their creativity flow and show-off their artistry. In sales, creativity typically comes in the form of strategy building, but this painting experience allowed these sales representatives to use a different medium for their creativity. This task created a space for these adults to let their whimsical imaginations go wild and remember the care-free days of being a kid. 

Revamp a garden: Some employees  chose to ditch their desks for an afternoon in the dirt, as they showed off their green-thumbs putting in new plants to beautify the Boys and Girls Club. From tulips to snapdragons, this team bonded over getting their hands dirty to create a better atmosphere for the children and teens of Cathedral City. The zen garden allowed employees to relax together in a new way for the afternoon, contributing to a community feeling between Unum employees. 

team building - corporate social responsibility

Renovate the Teen Center: Creating spaces for study and leisure was the goal in order to provide a comfortable environment for teens to connect with each other. The team got down to business as they transported cans of paint and the building blocks of a new ping pong table into the teen center. Along with their supplies, they brought out their inner Joanna Gaines (HGTV interior designer) to add some flare to the once drab teen center. As time went on, the walls became vibrant and a depressed lounge turned into a cheerful game room. Giving the teen center a makeover pushed the team’s time-management and spatial-planning skills. 

Pursuing Company Success Through Team Building

The Cathedral City Boys and Girls Club gained a plethora of tangible benefits from the corporate social responsibility event and Unum left with a feeling of pride and gratitude. Through volunteering employees were able to exercise their problem-solving skills, test their time-management skills, regenerate creativity, and build a stronger sense of community. It’s within these fun team-building activities that companies can inspire their employees.

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