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Podcast Feature: Entrepreneurial Insights with Luke Ervin Ft. Ryan Shortill of Positive Adventures

Entrepreneurial Insights with Luke Ervin | UBS Advisor Podcasts
Featured Entrepreneur: Ryan Shortill of
Positive Adventures, LLC

Entrepreneurial Insights with Luke Ervin showcases various entrepreneurs and their journeys, so we may learn from them, share in their trials and tribulations, and craft new business strategies. We hope to uncover thought-provoking ideas from our guests and lean on our 20 years working with entrepreneurs, to help other aspiring business owners refine their craft and scale to the next level.

Meet the host:
Luke Ervin is the founding partner of Mission Wealth Management, a team at UBS dedicated to working with entrepreneurs of growth companies.

Featured Entrepreneur:
In the latest podcast published April 14, 2021 – Luke Ervin interviews Ryan Shortill, founder of Positive Adventures, LLC. Ryan shares what led him to start Positive Adventures, a company that empowers individuals to experience their lives’ true potential, and the perseverance that got him there. He also mentions the silver lining of Covid-19, which resulted in a pivot to divide the PA market channel and create a new brand to exclusively focus on serving companies and corporations for team building, offsites, retreats, virtual programs, corporate social responsibility contributions and more. 

You can follow “Entrepreneurial Insights with Luke Ervin” on Spotify and click the link below to listen to the first episode with Ryan P. Shortill Positive Adventures, LLC

About Positive Adventures:
With over 15 years of experience, Positive Adventures is California’s premier experiential education company. Providing business consulting, offsite team building, outdoor education, adventure recreation, youth programming services, and offsite corporate retreats to individuals and groups across the country. Their mission is to provide teams with unique opportunities that create a platform for team growth, personal achievement, and education through experiential learning. 

Learn more about the new corporate division of Positive Adventures – Onyx Offsite and Trainings via the intro letter from the CEO: Introducing Onyx Offsites and Trainings

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