by Positive Adventures Tue Nov 10 2020

Well… here we are. Seeing coworkers behind a mask or a computer screen is the “new normal”. We are a company who makes its mark on the world by bringing people together to connect with their teams, engage in professional development, and have some fun. To say we were wary of the transition to virtual programming is a massive understatement; but, nevertheless… we persisted.


From the beginning, there were a lot of doubts and even more questions. How can we remotely keep company culture alive? What are some of the technological barriers? Will companies continue to invest in team building in such a chaotic time? And lastly – will virtual programming even work?


We’re happy to report that over the last 7 months, we have really found our groove in this virtual world and fully believe that now more than ever is it important to keep teams connected. One of the most important things that we found is that people need to feel like a virtual program isn’t just another meeting. Zoom fatigue is a very real thing, so we focused on creating a distinction between our virtual programs and another day at the work-from-home office. Our emcees and facilitators set the tone the moment a program starts. By bringing high energy, music and ice-breakers into a meeting we create a space that looks, feels and sounds different than your average video call. 


Don’t just take my word for it though, listen to our clients who had the same doubts: “At first we were not sure it would go over well.  It turned out great!  The team was engaged in the process, no time to talk about work like they tend to when we do at lunch and they are looking forward to having one again.”


We have also found that creating a sense of intimacy and personal connection is crucial, especially with larger groups. We focus on participants so they feel heard and seen by promoting the chat feature and placing small groups of 6 to 8 people in breakout rooms. Our facilitators lead these groups in connection activities on a smaller scale to encourage participation from even the most introverted folks. Many of our clients also use these smaller groups as a way to foster conversations and bonding between people who usually don’t work together, to mix up any cliques that have formed, as well as to heal any rifts between colleagues who are struggling to find common ground. 


We are still learning as we continue to navigate this strange reality, but we are confident that your team will walk away from a virtual program feeling better than when it started. Our team works hard to make the sales and operations process as seamless as possible, so you can take a task off your virtual plate! Our clients really trust our process and our product, too: 


“From every event, Positive Adventures has been top-notch in terms of their games, planning, and of course positivity! Each staff member makes sure that everything is taken care of prior to the in-person or virtual events. Their virtual games are a very personable and stress-free platform. Our company employees always come out positive, connected and energized. As an event coordinator, I am confident that our company will have the best experience when Positive Adventures takes over. Thank you to the staff for saving me a ton of stress and making my job a lot easier! “


If I could go back and talk to myself when this all began, I would say, “Take a deep breath. It’s going to work because humans will always find a way to connect, even if there is a screen between them.”  


Let us help you keep your team happy and connected during this virtual time. For more information, contact sales at:

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