by Positive Adventures Mon Aug 5 2019

Want to change up the pace of your office? Looking to re-energize your employees? Hoping to enhance your team’s connection? CEOs and Managers face these challenges all the time and are finding the answers to these hard-hitting questions on offsite company retreats. But not all corporate retreats are made equally. Here are three popular types of corporate retreats to consider in order to elevate your business and employees.

Strategic company retreat

Strategizing Your Company’s Success with Strategic Business Retreats

Businesses often run into the problem of feeling disjointed and need opportunities to recenter themselves. It’s necessary for your employees to have a chance to refresh themselves in order to achieve new goals and keep your company moving forward. 

The purpose of a strategic business retreat is to establish and plan new objectives for your business as well as develop your employees through:

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Activities that enhance fundamental skills such as communication
  • Re-establishing responsibilities and roles of employees

Through these activities, employees are challenged to expand their thinking, develop their leadership abilities, boost their communication skills, and take a break from their normal routine.

Wellness Retreat

Wellness of the Mind and Workplace

Whether you own a small business or head a large company, employee wellness is an important aspect of your business and is worth the investment. Focusing on the mental and physical health of your team creates happier employees, lowering turnover.

Your team is the backbone of your business, by cultivating positive habits through wellness retreats, you can invest in the success of your company as a whole while investing in individual employee wellness.

Positive Adventures offer tons of customizable options for your wellness retreat, such as:

  • Meal prep workshops
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Guest speakers and more

Wellness retreats are the perfect time for employees to refresh themselves in order to avoid burnout in the workplace, they are also an excellent time for you as the employer to show you care. As a result of the mental and physical break from a typical workday, employees will feel rejuvenated. 

Team Building Retreat

Team Building Equals Business Building

Employee community is at the core of a business. It is important that the employee dynamic is energetic and productive.

In many successful businesses, the common denominator is a strong team. Through dynamic  team building activities, your staff strengthens their communication skills, understands their strengths and weaknesses, and bonds through fun social connection experiences.  

Whether you prefer team bonding through a little competition or allowing your team to network amongst themselves, we offer multiple programs including:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Team Olympics
  • The “Amazing Race”
  • Culinary Camaraderie
  • Icebreakers, Kickoffs, Networking

Get out of the office and gather your staff from all the different departments to connect and create a more holistic workplace. 

Consider Planning a Corporate Retreat

While these are three popular types of corporate retreats, you are not confined to sticking with one option. Whatever you’re looking for in a corporate retreat whether it’s strategic business planning, a wellness getaway, or some good old team bonding, the possibilities are endless.

With Positive Adventures, one of our core values includes purposeful programming. We help you determine what type of retreat you want for your company, plan every aspect like logistics, meals, schedule, accommodations, activities and more. Contact us today to speak with a corporate retreat specialist


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