by Positive Adventures Tue Nov 17 2020

Actions you can take if you are concerned for your team during the extended COVID crisis 

How is your current company culture? More importantly, how are your people handling the changing pressures being presented? As we move deeper into the COVID crisis, many businesses are struggling to find the new normal, without an understanding of any sort of timeline that will align with operations getting back into a more fully functioning manner. 


Some companies are scaling and seeing revenue soar, with a need to hire more staff, which can create its own issues, while others are absolutely crippled by their industry drying up overnight. Employers need to be proactive and focus on building their teams back up. Managers are desperately trying to figure out how best to work with remote teams, empty office spaces, childcare and changing county and state guidelines. 

The last quarter of 2020 is almost over, and it is time to begin strategic planning for next year. Do you have a plan in place for your employees’ wellness and mental health? Are you refining your strategies to maintain and continue to strengthen your company culture? Now is the time to be looking not just at activities that bring people together virtually, but also at other critical areas to help keep your team strong. Organizational development and training programs like our “Building A Culture of Resilience” can help. This kind of training provides employees with three primary takeaways:


  1. Understanding the difference between pressure and stress and how to combat it
  2. Learning specifics about your personality that may trigger a stress reaction
  3. How to manage your energy through our energy audit to maintain a strong immune system and combat stress

You will find that by providing these necessary tools for your team, you will see productivity and engagement increase. Education and training around the challenges we are experiencing helps provide resources and avenues to approach life from a more aware mindset. It is hard enough to remain profitable, productive and afloat, and it’s imperative to ensure that your staff does not crumble under the stress of their own challenges. Engaged managers and employers can see and feel their teams’ hardships, and know they have a responsibility and duty to care for those sailing the ship.


Through organizational development programs companies are able to cultivate: 

  1. A culture of wellness – mental, physical and emotional
  2. A plan for increasing productivity and performance within the team and workplace, whether that be in office or with remote teams
  3. A strong commitment and alignment to company core values across the team and within the organization
  4. Fundamental tools for staff members to deal with and overcome stress brought on by professional and personal circumstances often out of their direct control


As you begin strategy sessions focused forward on the new year, be sure to include options and opportunities for engagement and support for your team. Having an outside facilitator support your annual planning can provide a fresh set of eyes, helping to catch blind spots and lurking challenges. With a little professional guidance, you can take a difficult year and turn it into a vision for 2021 without all the trouble!


Want to learn more on how Positive Adventures can provide you and your team with support in building out your 2021 strategy, or interested in professional facilitation services that will allow your entire team to play an active part in the plan build? Contact us today at 858.239.4400 or by email at

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