Are the activities safe?
At Positive Adventures, LLC., we pride ourselves on the safety of our program. Our trips are led by some of the most highly trained individuals! Our staff is educated in medical emergency situations and many hold advanced certifications. They are prepared to react to the elements of Mother Nature, including bad weather situations and encountering wildlife. We also check all of our equipment prior to the commencement of each adventure.

How often and where do we bathe?
We make stops at local facilities, or campgrounds to take showers every few days. We also have great fun swimming in fresh water rivers, lakes and waterfalls as often as possible!

What are the sleeping arrangements?
When camping we sleep in tents or under the stars every night with a cushioned sleeping pad.  During residential programs we sleep in dormitory-style accommodations or private rooms.

What do we eat?
Food is purchased prior to the start and throughout the trip as necessary. Participants are taught how to cook delicious entrees while in the wilderness. Meals may include fettuccine alfredo with broccoli and garlic; pan seared salmon, couscous and asparagus, or the famous camp chili. The meals are prepared from only the finest ingredients. Much of the food is organic, providing wholesome nutrition without unnecessary preservatives or chemical elements. We may be out and about, but we take great pride in ensuring our participants not only learn about good food, but enjoy it also!

What is the leader to participant ratio?
A female and male guide will be on most extended trips. The numbers of participants vary but Positive Adventures, LLC. will always ensure that the number does not exceed a safe ratio. When we lead trips that are all male or all female staff will correspond.

Who enrolls in PA programs?
No matter which county, state or city you are from, you are welcome to sign up for one of our programs. The participants on our trips are respectful of the environment and each other and are excited to learn and apply new skills. They seek the opportunity to learn from nature while traveling through her unprecedented beauty. We also have programs in which physically and mentally handicapped participants will have the chance to enjoy everything as well.

Will the trips challenge me, even if I am experienced?
Most definitely. We encourage all of our participants to set individual goals and strive to reach them, no matter what their level of ability. Each individual experience is unique in this way. Participants are supported in further developing their cognitive abilities as well. Everything from the music played in the vans, to the topic of conversation; we encourage intellectual stimulation and promote a deeper understanding and learning.

Will youth trips participate in service based activities?
We promote having fun and giving back to the community. Service projects may include cleaning up riversides, trail maintenance, or constructing small bridges for future hikers.

How do we travel?
When individual transport by carpool is not available, we ride in passenger vans to and from each trip site. Once we have reached our destination, most of the travel is done on foot or by water until the next rendezvous where the vans will be waiting.

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