What companies are saying about Positive Adventures…

Positive Adventures is California’s premier experiential education company. We pride ourselves on providing creative and conscious experiences and team activities to educate and create platforms for personal and professional growth.


“It was a great week! The creativity involved in allowing employees to meet new people was great. The week had something for everyone. Everything was planned perfectly. Great job everyone.”
-Jack in the Box Staff

“The true measure of team building effectiveness comes over time but you can tell when the seeds of a great program have been planted by the number of references to key lessons that sprout up as time passes…It wasn’t till the next day and the following week that people began citing ‘Ryanisms’ (from the program) that I knew the effect would be lasting.”
-Shannon Matwiyoff, Abbott Pharmaceuticals

“I highly recommend this team for any workshops which focus on leadership, education, teamwork, or any other area of focus in which they (Positive Adventures) can share their energy, talents and passion for life with others.”
-Natalie Jacobs RN BSN, RN/RT Residency Coordinator Rady Children’s Hospital


“This group is well prepared, engaging, and able to assimilate their work with our job! Fun, interactive and relative!”
-Rady Children’s Hospital Staff

“The group leaders of Positive Adventures were perfect for our middle school students! They were full of energy, had awesome activities, and left the students with fresh ideas.”
-St. Jeanne de Lestonnac

“The facilitators were similar to life coaches and I believe they created an experience that will leave a lasting impression on our students. The kids had a great time! It was also extremely eye-opening as a teacher/advisor to see different personalities surface.”
-Julian Charter School

“Just last week while grouping with some of the boys from last year’s AWARE program, I heard about how great the ropes course was. One of our boys, head and shoulders bigger than his classmates, boasted about how amazed he was at his own accomplishments with several of the high elements: ‘I never thought I could do something like that! It makes me feel like I can do other things with my life that seem hard in the beginning.’ Thanks for providing such great leadership with our challenging teens!”
-From the Inside Out

“I think it was great for the kids to participate in these activities and to better learn what it means to work together as a team and to trust and support your teammates.”

“It is with great pleasure to provide Positive Adventures with Coast Guard Sector San Diego Response Department’s highest recommendation.”
-S.A. Schultz, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard

“These students gained a lot from their experience with Positive Adventures. I especially appreciated the way you handled the closing ceremony. You have an ability to read a kids heart and it’s clear you have a deep sense of empathy and ethics.”
-Pilgrim School

“After working with the same outdoor education company for years, I was not looking to make a switch to a new company, but Positive Adventures won me over with their willingness to accommodate our school’s needs. The staff was nothing but supportive, and the passion they demonstrate for their work and for the students is really impressive.  PA was professional through and through and made sure that all of our program goals were met.”
-Alison Brown, Dean of Students, Sierra Canyon School

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