by Barbra Muñoz Thu Dec 8 2022

When the kids are home from school for a few weeks, it can feel like everything’s coming to a screeching halt. It’s hard to figure out how to occupy their time productively and keep them from going stir-crazy not having enough activities to do while most of their friends are away.

However, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained this winter break. These family-friendly activities will also help them develop their skills and knowledge while having fun at the same time.

Go on a Nature Walk

Nature walks are a great way to get kids away from the computer, off the couch, and out into the fresh air. It’s also a great way for kids and parents to bond. Find out if there is a trail near your house that you and your kids can walk on. You can also go to a park and walk on the trails there.

If you want to keep it educational, look up facts about the plants and trees in your area or look into signing them up for an outdoor learning program.

High-Movement Activities


Jumping is a fun way for kids to get some energy out. There are lots of different high movement activities you can do with your kids. You can have races or jump with an obstacle course. Also, you can do some bouncing activities, like playing basketball with a mini basketball hoop or setting up a mini soccer field with a small ball. You can set up a trampoline or a mini trampoline in the backyard if there’s room. Or head to a local outdoor park or trampoline park if you dont have the space or equipment at home.  

If you want your kids to have even more fun doing something different and exciting while spending time outdoors, our winter camp is the right option!

Each of our daily adventures, from surfing to hiking, is designed for campers with varying levels of experience and athletic ability. The only requirement is the willingness to try new things and to have a great time.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great activity to keep kids entertained on winter break. It can be a general hunt or a themed hunt. A themed hunt involves making clues related to a specific theme like apples, snow, or Christmas items.

You can create your own scavenger hunt or you can use this list of scavenger hunt ideas, perfect for kids of all ages. Scavenger hunts are great for the whole family. They’re also great for developing critical thinking skills, communication, and creativity.

Craft Activities

Kids love crafts, and it’s a great way to keep them occupied while they are home waiting to go back to school. If you are doing crafts with a younger child, you’ll want to do something a little less messy.

There are plenty of crafts you can do with your child, depending on their age. If you want to keep things organized, you can use a storage system for all the materials. You can use baskets, drawers, or hanging closet organizers. Crafts are a great way to get kids to use their imagination, practice their creative skills, use their hands, learn about the materials that are used to create the art, and have fun with the whole family.

Musically Inspired Activities

Music is a great way to keep kids entertained, especially during school breaks when there are fewer friends to play with. There are many activities you can do with your kids that are musically inspired, such as playing music while they are coloring or doing arts and crafts. Having some music playing in the background while you are spending time together is also a great way to teach children about new music. You can even have a karaoke night with the whole family!

Learning Games

There are lots of educational games that you can play with your kids that will get them thinking about new topics and skills. A few examples: there are video games that focus on math or science topics like Rocksmith, which help kids learn guitar by playing games related to music theory. There are also board games like Balderdash where you have to guess the definitions of made-up words.

Building Activities

It’s easy to think of building as something that’s only for younger children, but building things can be a great way to exercise problem-solving skills for any age group. You can build models and replicas of things like cities and buildings, or you can build things out of blocks or other materials. There are even virtual reality experiences that let kids build things and then see their creations in 3D.

If you want to challenge your kids’ critical thinking skills, build something with them! If you want to stretch their problem-solving skills, try building a puzzle out of pieces that don’t seem to fit together.

Write and Edit Games

There are plenty of games that can help your kids practice their writing skills. One game that many kids really enjoy is Mad Libs. In Mad Libs, one person fills out the story and another person has to fill in the blanks. Another fun game you can play is Scatter Categories, you get the categories and a random letter, then you have 60 seconds to come up with an example for each one. 

Kids will love these innovative activities to bring excitement to their winter break. It’s important to get them occupied so they don’t get bored. Keep in mind that children’s activities and interests change often, so you may have to be flexible in finding new ways to entertain them.

We hope you find these winter activities useful and have a lot of fun with them! To learn more about our winter camp, contact us here.

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