by Positive Adventures Thu Jun 18 2020

Congratulations! You made it through the school year and you have all become honorary virtual teachers. I think that it’s safe to say that is a title you might not have expected to have at the beginning of this year, but you have surely earned it. As we move into the summer months with the world still operating at pandemic capacity, we recognize that all parents need some serious rest and relaxation. You have been on-call 24/7 for over 3 months, adding many new hats to the ones you already wore. Having a free day will create space to reconnect with yourself and/or your partner, and allow time to process this novel experience you’ve been living through! 


Many studies show that taking a step away from routine can spark creativity and leads to a deeper sense of self-awareness, whether that is time spent in solitude or creating time for you and your partner to reconnect. As a devoted parent, it can be hard to take that time for yourself, and we understand that. However, you can’t pour from an empty cup! We all know what burnout feels like. It can make us irritable, restless, emotionally drained and operate from a short fuse. Add the stress and uncharted territory of a pandemic, and it’s enough to make even the best of us lose our marbles. 


We at Positive Adventures place a lot of value on self-care and attempting a balanced approach to life. Notice I said attempting – nobody is perfect, and we are not here to tell you that you are not doing enough or add yet another thing to your list. Instead, we are here to remind you that YOU matter and offer some practices that can help you reclaim some balance in your life. 


  • Exercise: This may feel like another chore at times, but moving the body is medicine. It can be something as simple as taking a walk around the block or as intense as a fitness boot camp session. Dropping into the body allows us to give our minds and nervous system a break – plus, the endorphins are awesome! 
  • Get Outside: It can be as simple as sitting at a local park or as adventurous as hiking all day. Feel the sun on your skin and unplug! This may be a good way to start new personal habits or even new traditions with your partner, such as taking an evening walk every day.
  • Unplanned Bliss: That’s right, you heard me. Wake up with NO PLAN. Allow your body to determine what you do for the day, not your schedule. Maybe you decide that you want to sleep in. Maybe it feels right to eat pancakes and read a book. Maybe your body is calling go for a run or do some yoga. If you don’t have a full day to devote to doing nothing, that’s okay. Try to find a couple of unplanned hours. 
  • Create: What sort of creative practices ignite your spirit? Do you play an instrument or have a sketch pad? Maybe you don’t have a regular creative practice, but it is a great time to start one. Adult coloring books or creating a plant arrangement are an awesome place to start!
  • Have a Good Ol’ Fashioned Phone Call: We have been utilizing video calls for every aspect of our lives and the “Zoom fatigue” is real. Set up a phone date with a friend or family member you have been meaning to connect with. Be mindful of who you are giving your energy too, as well. This might not be the time to talk to that one person that can talk the paint off a wall. Choose someone that will listen, too!
  • Indulge: That means something different to everyone, and only you know what that means for you (and your partner!). Indulgence can be as simple as a slice of pie or as decadent as a bubble bath and a glass of champagne. Whatever it is, you deserve some luxury.


If you have the option to send your children to one of our summer camps, we encourage you to view that decision as not only an investment in your child’s health but in yours too. If you are interested in sending your kiddos to summer camp, you can find more information here. 


We hope that you are able to find some time for YOU this summer. You are all incredibly resilient humans and we thank you for stepping up for your children. Now… it’s time to treat yourself!

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