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Let’s be honest, camping isn’t for everyone. But reconnecting and relaxing in nature should be!

In 2001, El Capitan Canyon Resort reinvented the camping experience. Since then, many groups venture just north of Santa Barbara for corporate retreats at this not-so-hidden gem. El Capitan Canyon’s Marketing and Sales Director Kendra Summers says, “company retreats hosted at El Capitan bring out a more positive mentality and energy towards work, that employers long to cultivate in the office.”

Honestly, there are countless reasons to hold your next California corporate retreat at El Capitan Canyon Resort, but we wanted to make it easy and highlight the top five for you.

Corporate Retreat California

#1.  Inspire Your Team with Breathtaking Surroundings

Located about twenty miles north of Santa Barbara, El Capitan Canyon sits nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. Here, impressive Sycamore and Oak trees tower high, creating habitats for local birds and squirrels, not to mention beautiful scenery. You don’t have to look far to find the ocean and if you’re lucky, you can spot dolphins or gray whales. This charming setting is perfect for luxury retreats and glamping, while providing the perfect backdrop for people to pull away from their emails and into the present moment.

#2. Abundant Team Building and Team Bonding Activities

El Capitan Canyon provides various activities that employees can participate in together to strengthen their bonds beyond the office on corporate retreats. Many of these team development activities — including a high and low ropes course, sea kayaking, surfing, hiking, yoga, and biking — require an outfitter like Positive Adventures to facilitate the experience and get the most out of them. Activities like these are essential because they provide a space for employees to work together in a fun and casual environment, creating bonds that expand beyond break-room conversations around the water cooler. Nothing brings people closer than wiping out in the ocean together or facing their fears on the ropes course. 

Team Building Retreat California

#3. Accommodations for Every Type of Corporate Retreat Group

Everyone has a different travel style and preference, from luxury resort to sleeping under the stars, it’s difficult to please everyone. El Capitan Canyon offers a wide array of corporate retreat accommodations that will suit the needs of all types of travelers in your company. Accommodations range from furnished tents with wood floors to cabins complete with plumbing and a coffee maker. According to Kendra, “the right accommodations give an opportunity to enjoy everything that nature has to offer without leaving the comforts of home. It’s important that everyone is comfortable where they’re staying so they can focus on team building and growing closer with their coworkers.”

#4. A Tranquil Space Outside of the Workplace to Relax and De-stress

The amenities at El Capitan Canyon make guests feel distant from the daily grind, giving many opportunities for guests to relax. An on-site restaurant serves three meals a day and the market sells options from s’more kits to fine wines. Many companies we work with choose to have our gourmet chef cater because they can customize the menu and it lightens the planning load. Either way, no one will be going hungry on their company retreat. This location also has a spa on-site – the perfect place to get rid of the knots in your shoulders from office stress. If you’re lucky enough to have your company retreat here during the summer, concerts are hosted all summer long, providing another way to unwind. Just picture it, sitting by the pool, wine in hand, enjoying the sun set over the beautiful oceanfront landscape.

Camping Corporate Retreat

#5. Corporate Retreat Meeting Spaces Perfect for Enhancing Communication

The grounds of El Capitan Canyon provide plenty of meeting spaces for your group to reconvene, brainstorm creative ideas, and get down to business. They have meeting yurts for check-in gatherings throughout the day and fire pits to have those casual evening pow-wows. What’s better than discussing your new company vision while roasting marshmallows on the fire?

Venturing into the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the office is an amazing way to improve employee relationships and watch your company grow as a team. Time away from the  office fosters creativity and provides space for personal and group innovation. El Capitan Canyon provides the perfect environment to achieve the results that companies are hoping to see.

Need professionals to plan and run your next corporate retreat?

Positive Adventures has more than 12 years of experience successfully executing company retreats and it just so happens that El Capitan is one of our favorite corporate retreat locations.

From accommodations to lesson facilitators and guides for outdoor activities, we take care of everything so all you and your team have to do is focus on enjoying yourselves, learning new skills, and strengthening your corporate culture.  Get a free quote today for your next corporate retreat.

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