by Positive Adventures Thu Jun 11 2020

Even as cities begin to open back up, our world is still undoubtedly changed in many ways. Many schools and companies are not transitioning back into full-time, in-person schedules any time in the foreseeable future. As “Zoom fatigue” sets in for the organizations that have been working remotely for months, teams need highly engaging virtual tools to connect more than ever. 


Here are 4 great activity ideas you can try at your next team meeting to make sure your team stays engaged.


Engaging Activity #1: Guess About Me 

Objective: Learn unique facts about other group members

How to: Have each member of the group think of something no one knows about them that they feel comfortable sharing.  

Using your virtual meeting’s whiteboard each person must type something unique about them no one knows on the whiteboard (be sure not to include names). These need to be specific. Zoom has a whiteboard feature within the annotate tools. If you’re a G Suite user, the Jamboard is a great interactive tool. There are also a variety of other whiteboard tools available online.

Next, have the meeting administrator organize the facts for everyone to see and randomly pick someone to have the group guess their unique fact. 

Last, after the group shares their guesses, have the individual share their unique fact with the group, to see who got it correct. 

Repeat this until all participants have shared their unique facts. This is a fun way to encourage team members to discover their commonalities and bring the group closer by learning more about one another.

Example: Give them examples of things to share, like tattoos, pets, hobbies, vacation spots, where they went to school, etc.



Engaging Activity #2: Find An Item  

Objective: Get to know other group members

How to: Give everyone in the meeting 2 minutes to find something in their house that represents something to them – a new skill they’ve learned, their time working remotely, etc.

Next, randomly pick a team member to start by sharing about the item they picked and what it means to them.   

Repeat this until all participants have shared their items with the group. 

Last, thank everyone for sharing. This powerful exercise helps the group understand how team members are feeling and using their time outside of the computer screen. 

Example: Find the item that best represents your time in quarantine, makes you feel happy, is attached to a powerful memory, etc. 


Engaging Activity #3: Do A Craft Together 

Objective: Complete a fun hands-on activity as a team

How to: Provide everyone with the list of supplies and instructions needed for the activity 1-2 weeks in advance to allow time to shop! Or send a care package to everyone’s home with all the activity supplies included. 

Next, set up all the supplies and hop on the video meeting with your group. Have everyone walk through the step by step instructions together.  

Last, have everyone show off their creations, whether it be a newly tie-dyed pair of pants or a delicious no-bake dessert.  

This is a great way to change things up from the traditional meeting or team social hour with a hands-on activity, and even a keepsake to remember the experience. 

Example: Tie Dye, Paint-your-own pottery, succulent garden, no-bake dessert, etc.


If you’re looking for other ideas, check out these virtual food and drink class options

Engaging Activity #4: Gratitude Challenge

Objective: Everyone loves being appreciated for their efforts. This activity provides the opportunity to share that gratitude with your team.

How to:  First, have everyone on the call turn off their cameras which will “blackout” their video screens. The group leader will “break the ice” by turning on their camera and randomly selecting another to turn on their camera as well. The group leader starts by expressing their gratitude for the selected team member, and through their example, the rest of the team will feel comfortable sharing their appreciation for others in the group as well.

Next, the group leader and selected individual will turn their cameras off, and the group leader will randomly select two new team members to share their gratitude with one another as the rest of the team observes. Repeat this until everyone in the group has had the opportunity to share gratitude with another team member. 

Last, do a quick wrap up and express gratitude one last time by thanking everyone for sharing. This simple exercise can have a profound effect on team engagement and morale. 

Example: Give them examples of things to discuss, like I appreciate your positive attitude, I’m grateful for your support, thank you for offering to take on that additional task, etc.  


No one enjoys feeling tired and unfocused during a meeting, so why subject yourself to that? Implement one of these activities into your next virtual meeting to make it fun and engaging. With these simple activities, you and your team will click “leave the meeting” feeling happy, warm, and energized. 




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