by Positive Adventures Wed Oct 21 2020

It’s hard to believe that we are entering the holiday season, and the majority of classrooms are still meeting completely virtually. The holidays are a favorite time of year for teachers and students alike, and most everyone is feeling the changes of 2020 even more now that the holidays are nearly here. To help bridge the gap to normalcy, we’ve collected some examples of educational holiday activities that students can do, whether they are at school or the kitchen table. 

Themed Scavenger Hunt

Moving school to the internet means much more time looking at the same things all day, every day. Scavenger hunts are inherently mobile and a great way to shift the focus back into the physical world or virtually travel to places you never imagined you could take your class! Find items within your home or explore a theme-relevant virtual location via Google Earth. Explore and search through haunted hotels during Halloween or visit Plymouth Rock around Thanksgiving! The possibilities are endless. 

Host a Virtual Holiday Party

Celebrate together, no matter where you are with a virtual party. Each participant comes with (or can be mailed) their personal party kit. Gather ‘round the virtual campfire with real hot chocolate and marshmallows for the winter holidays, for example. Play holiday-themed games such as a Thanksgiving trivia challenge or and make crafts that everyone can use or decorate within their respective locations. A sure-”fire” way to get everyone in the spirit!


Fun Online Lesson or Class

Bring in an expert to lead your class in a new experience or activity! Invite an artist to virtually guide your students through a holiday-themed painting, wreath making or other art medium. Send an art materials kit or supplies list to each student prior to the experience so that everyone can fully participate! 


Who doesn’t love sampling sweet treats? Have a culinary expert teach everyone new life skills such as how to make no-bake holiday sugar cookie truffles or other fun treats! 

Charity Drive

Give each student an opportunity to find their own volunteer cause to help with, or find something to contribute to as an entire class! Whether it be decorating ornaments for a nursing home, designing inspirational cards for healthcare workers or making no-sew blankets for animal shelters, there is always something that we can do for others during the holiday season. Host a virtual celebration to have students present what they have worked towards as individuals, or use it as an opportunity to get the whole class together to work on a project at the same time! 

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